Massachusetts bans food waste

The state of Massachusetts unveiled new regulations two weeks ago requiring roughly 1700 institutions throughout the state to find alternative disposal solutions for food waste.  The new rules will require any business that disposes of at least one ton of organic material per week to ‘repurpose’ it.

mass_food_waste_banAny re-usable food must be donated or otherwise repurposed (recooked or made into soup?).

Any remaining food waste will have to go to an Anaerobic Digestion facility, a composting site, or used in animal feed. 

Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan said the ban ‘‘is critical to achieving our aggressive waste disposal reduction goals and it is in line with our commitment to increase clean energy production.’’

These types of programs will likely become increasingly prevalent in the years to come, as states look to reduce landfill costs and mitigate the methane organic waste in those landfills produce.  Not only do these programs reduce waste, they help increase renewable energy production as well.