Renewable Energy. A Promising Vehicle?


There is a lot of talk in this day and age about alternative energy, sustainability, and saving the planet, but what are the options for renewable energy?
Obviously, we here at Big Ox Energy are very interested, invested, and are believers in the benefits that utilizing Biomass to create Renewable Natural Gas can bring to the table from both a micro and macro perspective.

• The most obvious benefit of biomass energy is that biomass is a renewable source of energy, meaning that it cannot be depleted like this is the case with most fossil fuels.
• Protecting the food manufacturing industry – By processing sometimes difficult and expensive to dispose of organic wastes, we ensure that existing operations can continue on a more sustainable basis.
• Relies on existing infrastructure and technology to transport and utilize the renewable natural gas.
• Diverts organic waste currently going landfills allowing for more space for non-organic matter, extending the life of the landfill.
• Can replace 7300 gallons of diesel each day, (just at one facility) reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
• Uses carbon already in our environment
• Saves 26,000 tons of carbon dioxide tons / year per facility.
• Creates jobs in the community

That being said, Biomass certainly isn’t the only renewable fuel source, and we as a company truly believe that to be considered successful in reducing dependence on foreign oil and offsetting carbon emissions we as individuals, as well as a nation, need to consider all forms of renewable energy and apply them where it is a best fit scenario.

Some of these other technologies include Solar, Wind, Hydro Power, Hydrogen, Geothermal, and Tidal sources, which are all excellent options for renewable energy depending on many factors such as location, specific scenario, and energy yield required etc.

A good analogy would be to liken all the different types of renewable energy technologies to different parts on a vehicle. All the different parts by themselves won’t get you where you need to go, but when assembled in the correct fashion and utilized correctly you have a vehicle that will take you to your destination, which in our case is sustainability and the offsetting of carbon emissions.

We think that’s a vehicle we all need to build together… Don’t you?