Renewables AND Natural Gas

zac-efron-rock-and-or-roll-01A lot of articles on the web juxtapose renewable energy—wind, solar, etc., with traditional carbon based i.e. fossil fuels.
Often these discussions draw the line between them as if there is some sort of battle between fossil fuels and renewables. To some degree, they are on opposite sides of the energy debate. The consensus is that natural gas is the fossil fuel of choice as it is less polluting that coal and oil.
The other side contends that renewable energy is the only energy worth investing in, but the reality is that without combustion based power plants we’d all be in the dark, and likely not reading this blog post.
What if you could combine the best of both worlds? Well, you can. Anaerobic digestion creates methane—the primary ingredient in natural gas—from the organic breakdown of biological waste by bacteria. Not only is it renewable, but the end energy product, natural gas, is among the cleanest burning and most efficient sources of energy we have.
Not to mention the infrastructure—from heating to electricity production is all in place already. You simply make the gas, clean it up of impurities, and plug it into the pipeline.
It’s kind of like the commercial where the guy says his new car handles well and has good fuel economy. “Better than nuts or bolts”, he says, “I like and better.”
So do we. Renewable and natural gas all in one.