State Legislature Proposes Renewable Energy Increases in Wisconsin by 2030.

Photo of The Wisconsin State Capitol Courtesy of: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/62105986

Photo of The Wisconsin State Capitol Courtesy of:

Although you may be anywhere in the country or the world, we here at Big Ox Energy are headquartered in Wisconsin and thought that a post should be dedicated to some exciting recent happenings in the Wisconsin State Legislature during the week of February 28th.

According to articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Public News Service (links below) “Thirty percent of the electricity in Wisconsin would be generated by renewable sources by 2030 under a plan called the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Act, introduced by four members of the state Legislature.”
Currently the state is confident that they are on track to meet their goal of 10 percent renewable energy by 2015.

Keith Reopelle, senior policy director for the environmental group Clean Wisconsin, cited broad public support for this proposal, LRB 4320/1.
“No matter what part of the state you look at, or whether it’s men or women or even whether it’s Democrats or Republicans or independents,” he said, “the public does overwhelmingly support investment in clean energy, developing more clean energy and becoming less reliant on fossil fuels.”

We here at Big Ox Energy are the most excited about the fact that there is more awareness than ever before in support of, as well as expectation to implement clean renewable energy and overall sustainability. In a time when there is little agreement in politics it is exciting to note that no matter what political viewpoint you hold or what demographic you are a part of, everyone can seem to agree that in the broad long term viewpoint renewables and overall sustainability is a path that makes sense to go down in the great state of Wisconsin as well as on a national level.

The following quote from Tyler Huebner, executive director of the advocacy group Renew Wisconsin, does a particularly fine job of illustrating why the time is now to look at the long term plan to put Wisconsin back in the vanguard of renewable energy production.
“Wisconsin was one of the first states to pass a renewable energy standard like this back in 2006. But now we’re quite a ways behind our neighbors, and the gap is certain to widen unless we pursue and pass worthy legislation like the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Act,” Huebner said. “It’s time to put renewables back to work in Wisconsin.”

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