Sustainability Sustainability Sustainability……………..!!!

It is amazing how much we see and use the word sustainability today.  The area where it appears most is probably with big industry.  You can go to the web-sites of nearly any fortune 500 business and find pages dedicated to their sustainability initiatives.  Among their sustainability goals, you will find renewable energy, zero landfill, zero waste, reduction in use of fossil fuels, and energy efficiency to name a few.  As you read these, it becomes clear that taking care of our environment is really at the heart of the matter.    If you are a supplier to the likes of Wal-Mart or Proctor & Gamble you are being judged on not only the old standards of cost, quality, and on time delivery, but also sustainability.  Palm with a plant growng from pile of coins

For many years recycling has been a big part of sustainability in the U.S.  Most of the focus seems to have been on eliminating or diverting waste from the landfill.  I can remember when separating aluminum, plastics, and paper from the trash was not the norm; it just all went into garbage can and to the landfill.  Older generations had to be re-trained and the younger ones just grew up knowing the recyclables went into a different container than the garbage.  The idea continues to expand and gradually we are seeing recycling include organic wastes.  It’s likely you have not heard of this, but it is happening.  There is value in the organics for producing renewable energy and natural fertilizers and by making use of these materials we also save landfill space.  It only makes sense to do.  Unfortunately it is not as easy as simply setting a new container for organics out at the curb or bringing a new dumpsters to your business.  Systems are needed to process and make use of the organics.  This is where Big Ox Energy comes into the picture.  When we site a facility in your area, it makes organic recycling a reality.  Our focus is on industrial wastes, but certainly if the community embraces the idea it can expand to commercial and residential applications.  We all need to do our part and Big Ox is here to help pave the way to a sustainable future.  As much as we see sustainability, sustainability, sustainability, you can expect to see more in the future.